We all want to have a clean home all the time. We dust weekly, we scrub the floors, we do the laundry, we water the plants, etc. But have you ever stopped for a minute to think about the products you are using? Have you ever thought about going green?

Let us start from the beginning. What does ‘green cleaning’ mean? While some individuals only care about killing bacteria and germs others are also looking to watch their health and protect the environment. Green cleaning is all about using all-natural products to keep your home safe. From detergents to bleaching products to beauty products, as long as they’re green they’re 100% safe to use. It’s true that one bottle of green floor detergent won’t safe our planet, but 10,000 bottles will certainly diminish pollution, increase fresh air, and keep us healthy.

Everyone wishes to have a clean home and although this is important to stay healthy, it’s just as important to use adequate maids service’s and products while doing that. Most people use strong chemical cleaners that indeed destroy all bacteria and germs, but at the same time damage the environment and are a real threat to our health. They have major negative side effects and the toxic substances they contain affect both out bodies and the surrounding nature.

According to the California Department of General Services, 6% of janitors are harmed by the cleaning products they use. And we’re not talking about professional products. The usual ones you find in the supermarkets are just as dangerous. They contain strong cleaning substances, such as bleach and ammonia that cause injuries from inhalation, burns on the eyes and skin and even chronic disease from repeated exposure. On the other hand, green cleaning is a much safer alternative. The substances contained by the eco-products are completely safe. They can even be ingested and will show no side effects. Likewise, they are not flammable, corrosive or carcinogenic.

When using green cleaning products we prevent water and soil pollution. When chemicals contained by regular products go down the drain they have great chances of ending up in the soil, or infiltrate in the water reserves, polluting and entire area. In 2006 a study showed that 75% of antibacterial triclocarban contained in the water did not dissolve during the wastewater treatment. It accumulated in the municipal sludge which was used as a crop fertilizer. You can imagine what happened next. Green products are made out of biodegradable substances that do not affect in any way nature.

Furthermore, reducing waste is a key piece in the whole going green process. All manufacturers of green cleaning products use recycled materials and recycle their packages and unused materials. They either re-use them or sell them in concentrating forms. This way, the landfill impact is highly reduced. Also, you can do the same on your own. Use more than one time an empty bottle, replace the paper towels with microfiber cloths and try finding out new uses for each unnecessary item.

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